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Nourishing Pamper Gift Set Box
Nourishing Pamper Gift Set Box

Nourishing Pamper Gift Set Box

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Looking after yourself with this beautiful pamper Gift Set - easy done!!

Eye Pillow
with Lavender and Linseeds to enjoy a calming scent relaxing tiered eyes

Lavender Bath Soak
curated with soothing notes of lavender and vanilla, formulated with mineral-rich Himalayan Sea salt crystals, epsom salt and pink french clay

Crochet Baby Washer                                                                                   100% Cotton made locally

Nourishing Body Oil SARI
Sweet Almond, Sunflower and Hemp Oil infused with EssentialOils of Bergamont, Orange, Lime and Vanilla submerged with Statice Flowers

Bunch of dried Flowers 

Placed in a Gift Box with Lid and Ribbon

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