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Gifts for Men Australia

Gifts for Men in Australia That Your Brother, Friend, or Dad Would Like to Open

We offer thoughtful self-care gifts for men in Australia that beat the tired cologne, tie, and socks options. Try something different with our all-natural, eco-friendly, locally manufactured products.

Little Known Facts About Our Men’s Grooming Kit

Whether athletic, outdoorsy, a natty dresser, or a computer geek, men also deserve a little pampering.

  • Enhance his daily grooming routine with our Men’s Grooming Gift Set Box. He will appreciate our relaxing hand-poured soy candle made of natural wax and subtle oils. It burns for about 35 hours and smells of sandalwood, vanilla, amber, and musk.
  • The coconut and honey lip balm our spruce-up kit contains remedies for dry lips. It includes locally sourced beeswax and organic shea butter, almond, and coconut oil. Our sandalwood, orange, and bergamot shaving soaps calm sensitive skin, and the accompanying Badger shaving brush slides its thick lather across the face effortlessly.
  • The gift box also contains our blue gum lemon myrtle soap and a soft, 100 percent cotton face cloth. The soap is hand-made and does not contain preservatives, synthetic fragrances or colour, petrochemicals, or animal fat.

We ship all our deliveries in a beribboned gift box with a lid - accompanied by an imprinted, recycled gift card and envelope – via free standard mail within three to five working days. We will attempt to dispatch it quicker at your request.

A Short Buyer’s Guide for Our Men’s Shaving Set

You can’t go wrong with our useful shaving gift set, whether the man you are buying for still uses store brand shaving cream and a disposable razor or insists on the best designer products.

  • Chemical compounds can be detrimental and have destructive consequences over time. Does the industry test all ingredients and ascertain their impact on your body? Plant-based elements that were proved safe over generations prevent health problems.
  • Our Men's Shaving Gift Set Box will improve any man’s grooming routine. Present it on Father’s Day, as a corporate gift, on a birthday, or as a groomsmen souvenir. The box contains genuine, plant-based shaving and hand soap, aftershave, a candle, and a soft shaving brush. Our Men's Gift Box includes several of the same products plus coconut and honey lip balm.
  • Take a look at our Enjoy Men's Gift Box. It incorporates 250 grams of locally roasted Domigo Coffee and Daintree Estates Espresso Chocolate with a grey ceramic mug, wooden cooking spoon, soy candle, and a soft cotton washcloth.

Our exquisite men’s hampers are useful, offer enchanting masculine aromas, superior skincare, and suit many occasions.

What You Stand to Gain When You Use Natural MYMIMISTAR Products

Natural skincare and pampering products are usually a better choice than synthetic merchandise. Artificial products harm plants and animals. Toxins that seep into the earth damage the environment.

  • Soaps and lotions enter your bloodstream through your skin. Natural oils, cleansers, moisturisers, and other skincare products are a safer alternative. Their beneficial effects support rather than harming your health.
  • Coconut oil contains vitamin E and healthy fatty acids. Almond oil is anti-bacterial and includes vitamin A, and sandalwood has antiseptic properties. Bluegum or diluted eucalyptus extract may increase ceramide production to improve dry skin.
  • Consider our Men's Pamper Gift Set Box before you make a final choice. View the wooden bowl, beard comb and brush, beard balm, blue gum and lime soap, and luxurious cotton face towel.

Our hampers for men comprise natural, locally sourced and produced items that contribute excellent gift ideas. Contact us to place your order.