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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Make Every New Parent Feel Loved with Our Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

When it comes to baby shower gift ideas, hampers that contain a little bit of everything are perfect. Whether a parent-to-be is having a boy, girl or yet to find out the gender, our unique baby shower present ideas are useful, contain quality products, and are beautifully arranged for maximum impact. We also ensure to take care of mum with our thoughtful and relaxing gift ideas such as calming bath tea and scented candles.

Benefits of Baby Shower Gift Baskets

There are numerous benefits to gifting a hamper as they allow you to hand-pick the perfect selection of baby clothes, toys, keepsakes and accessories to uniquely suit the parent and child.

  • They are useful: You can readily fill gift baskets with useful items that every baby and parent will need in the early months after birth. We have a selection of various pre-assembled hampers that contain quality products such as muslin cloths, massage oil, baby socks, teethers and more.
  • They look attractive: A well-equipped gift basket is beautifully arranged and contains a mixture of surprises. Every new parent will love discovering the treasures arranged in your box, and they are perfect for spreading a little joy before and after the baby arrives.
  • They are well-organised: We know that every new parent is busy, so a well-organised gift basket is ideal for when they readily need to find a useful item. Rather than having to unwrap the product from its packaging, a gift basket allows you to carefully position each item in place, ready to use, and where the parent can easily see it.

Tips Regarding a Baby Gift Set

Consider our tips for getting more value out of your baby shower hamper.

  • Select gender-neutral items: Even if you know the baby will be a boy or girl, gender-neutral items are just as much appreciated by parents as blue or pink clothes and blankets. Filling your hamper with neutral-coloured items is an ideal way to make your gift stand out at the shower. You also future-proof your items as the parents can use your gifts for other children.
  • Send your love to the parents: The best baby shower hampers are sure to contain some special gifts for the parents. While there is nothing more exciting as a new baby, relaxing bath tea, a calming scented candle and other pampering items are an excellent way to show your love and support during a mum’s pregnancy.
  • Think of items that the parent will require after a few months: You can readily make your hamper unique and useful with a mix of items for various ages. As babies grow quickly, adding in a teether or feeding items for when the child starts eating solids is sure to be appreciated by the parents. These items are also sure to put you at the front of the parent’s mind a few months down the line as they remember your generous and thoughtful gift.

What You Can Expect from Us Regarding a Baby Gift Box

We have an extensive range of mum and baby gift sets that are perfect to send from afar or when attending a baby shower, filled with useful goodies.

  • Newborn gift basket: We have stunning gift sets that are perfect for welcoming a new baby into the world. We fill these baskets with quality products such as a soft cotton muslin cloth, bodysuit, and a warm woollen hat. You can also opt for a baby pamper package that includes natural products such as massage oil and plant-based soap.
  • Pregnancy gift set: For those times, when you feel like showering mum with love, we have thoughtful pregnancy hampers filled with relaxing items. Our pregnancy gift box set includes herbal facial steam, goats milk soap, coconut and honey lip balm, and other pampering items to make any pregnancy more enjoyable.
  • Vintage baby hampers: You can send a sweet vintage gift set to a new baby boy or girl from our collection of hampers. These hampers include a relaxing balm, bibs, teethers, and more.

Why Trust MYMIMISTAR Regarding Baby Shower Presents?

Our Australian-owned and operated business provides exceptional customer service and quality handmade baby hampers. We use quality products in our gift baskets and ensure that every material and ingredient is 100 percent natural and locally sourced. Our hampers have eco-friendly packaging and are carefully arranged, so they arrive looking stunning and in excellent condition. We also ensure that you can personalise your baby basket with a heartfelt message on our beautiful gift card. Contact us with any questions or order a stunning and thoughtful newborn gift set online.