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Thank You Hamper

Why You Should Give a “Thank You” Hamper or Other Gift Box Today

A gift basket, such as a “thank you” hamper or a bridesmaid box, is a wonderful way to let the special people in your life know how much you care about them. Regardless of the occasion, a gift hamper makes a perfect token that your recipient can cherish and enjoy. At MYMIMISTAR, we love creating beautiful gift baskets to make gift-giving a breeze.

Benefits of Giving a Thank You Gift Hamper

There are many reasons to give presents, whether you’re expressing gratitude, congratulating someone on a new baby, or sending wishes for a speedy recovery. Here are a few of the benefits of sending a Christmas gift box, a “get well soon” hamper, or a “just because” tea gift hamper.

  • Many gifts in one. A gift basket or box comes with several individual items packaged together in one fun gift. Your recipient can enjoy discovering and opening each product, whether your hamper is full of new baby items, bath items, or an assortment of tea and coffee. It also means that gift hampers are lovely gifts for people you don’t know very well – with such a wide variety of items, there are bound to be several that your recipient will love.
  • Suitable for every occasion. A gift box works very well for all occasions. You can buy themed hampers for specific events, such as a wedding or birthday, or you can use gift baskets as simple “thinking of you” gifts any day of the week. If someone you know has a new baby, gets married, lands a new job, or celebrates an important anniversary, you can find the perfect gift basket to suit the occasion. No gift is as versatile, practical, and luxurious all at once.
  • A cost-effective gift solution. Gift hampers are quite economical, especially when you consider the prices of the individual items. If you were to create such a hamper on your own, you might very well pay significantly more than purchasing a premade hamper. Also, gift hampers are available in all price ranges, so no matter what your budget is, you can find one to suit your needs. You can also buy one large gift hamper for a group of people or even divide the gifts inside yourself and send them to individual recipients.

Tips Regarding Choosing the Right Tea Gift Box

No matter the occasion, you need to find a gift for, there’s a hamper to fit. You just need to consider a few factors to make sure that you order the right presents for the right recipient.

  • Your relationship. Think about the relationship you and your intended recipient share. If they are a family member or longtime friend, you may want to go with a higher-value gift as well as something personally selected to suit their preferences. For someone you don’t know very well, such as a new co-worker, you can keep it a little lower key. 
  • The occasion. Most gifts revolve around themes. You may be sending someone a gift basket “just because,” but you’re more likely to have a reason in mind, such as a holiday, birthday, or accomplishment that deserves a celebration. Try to choose items that the recipient can use immediately. For example, a new bride might appreciate some fun bath items for pampering herself. If it’s Christmastime, candy, in-season fruits, and the like are usually welcomed, especially in a package that includes the colours and decorations of the season.
  • The person’s interests. If you aren’t sure what your recipient enjoys, you might try asking around indirectly. Perhaps a mutual acquaintance who knows them better will have some ideas. It’s generally a good idea to avoid asking directly, which will remove the surprise element from your gift. You can become a better gift-giver by paying attention to what people say in casual conversation and making a mental note so that you’ll have something to go on the next time a gift-giving occasion arises.

Related Services We Provide to “Thinking of You” Gifts

There are many reasons to give gifts, and we have a hamper for each one. Here are a few of the gift sets we create for a variety of themes.

  • Bridesmaid and maid of honour boxes. We offer a range of bridesmaid and maid of honour gift boxes so that you can pamper the important people who have given so much of their time and energy to making your wedding day perfect. Try our Bridesmaid Pamper Pack, full of luxurious favours to treat your favourite gals to, or the Maid of Honour Gift Set Box, an exceptional way to say “thank you” to an extraordinary lady.
  • “Get well soon” gift boxes. Is someone you know dealing with a small or large health issue? You can help put a smile on their face with our Get-Well Gift Set Box, stuffed with Blue Gum & Lemon Myrtle Soap, a barley heat pillow, a soy candle, and a tin of Echinacea Boost loose leaf tea. We wrap it all up with a personalised gift card, a clay heart ornament, and a sweet ribbon.
  • Christmas gift boxes. Our Christmas Gift Hamper is a lovely way to welcome the season. This festive box features a white ceramic cup, a Ginger and Lemon loose leaf tea, a jar of delicious local honey with a cute dipper, a Rose Coconut Milk Bath, and a star clay ornament your recipient can use to adorn their Christmas tree. This box is truly gorgeous and designed to bring out the holiday spirit in anyone.


MYMIMISTAR offers a wide range of gift hampers for all occasions. We use eco-friendly materials whenever possible and can deliver our baskets anywhere in Australia. Whether you’re looking for a “welcome home” gift, a gift for new parents, a corporate gift, something special for your bridesmaids, or any other type of present, we can help.

Feel free to contact us with any questions; we'd be delighted to assist you.