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The Sophisticated Mens Gift Box
The Sophisticated Mens Gift Box

The Sophisticated Mens Gift Box

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A special Gift for the sophisticated Men.

* Wondaree Macadamian Chocolate Coated Nuts 50g

This range is initially roasted to accentuate the nuttiness then coated in delicious, rich chocolate. Colourful and vibrant, these packs are perfect presents and designed to be accessible for the visually impaired. Sealed with a peg, these are the perfect Australian gift

* Finest Cracker

* Tattooed Sailor - White Label Beans 250g

A mild blend created for milk coffee - Flat White, Latte and Cappuccino! Flavours of milk chocolate and hints of dried stonefruit. Perfect for your everyday coffee. 

* Finest Wafers Original from Shale Point 150g

These Original Wafers are produced in Australia using the finest quality ingredients from around the world. 

* Cairns Local Honey 250g

Cairns Honey is 100% Raw, harvested from Beehives adjacent to World Heritage Listed Rainforests in Tropical North Queensland and other honey producing areas across Queensland, Australia

* Wooden Honey Dipper

* Spiced Tomato & Vodka Chutney

is a sensational combination of sun dried tomatoes from Italy and premium French Vodka. 

* Fig and Almond Fruit Paste from Valley Produce Co(75g)

Using black mission figs, we caramelise the fruit and cook it down slowly to develop a rich, sweet flavour. We then add freshly roasted, crushed almonds to create a wonderful texture

* Shaving Cream Sandalwood, Orange + Bergamot 100ml

handcrafted with the finest Ingredients for a smooth shave 

* Badger Shaving Brush

* Stainless Steel Tumbler 340ml

keeping your Coffee hot for longer 

* Imprinted Card + Envelope with your personalized message

placed in a Gift Box with Lid and Ribbon