Blue it is Gift Box
Blue it is Gift Box
Blue it is Gift Box

Blue it is Gift Box

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Just a little blue in your life. How wonderful!!!

* Bamboo Cutting Board

Culinary Co Bamboo board is a beautiful cutting board that also functions as a serving plank. This tray is durable, long-lasting and features its unique and natural contrasting patterns. It is easy to carry and perfect for serving side dishes or platters

* Byron Bay Cookies

Deliciously smooth Australian macadamias blended into pure butter shortbread for an effortlessly rich, smooth and crunchy texture.
* Sea Salt & Sesame Artisan Crackers Valley Produce Co. 130g

The perfect Crackers for cheese or hommus

* Tattooed Sailor - White Label Beans 250g

A mild blend created for milk coffee - Flat White, Latte and Cappuccino! Flavours of milk chocolate and hints of dried stonefruit. Perfect for your everyday coffee

* Just Flavour Seasoning EVERYTHING 50g

Just Flavour’s version of all-purpose seasoning suited for.. well everything! A smoked paprika, garlic and herb blend you can enjoy with steak, chicken, scrambled eggs or veggies straight from 1 packet! 

* Pana Organic Hazelnut Chocolate 45g

This Chocolate is made from 36% creamy organic cacao with crunchy hazelnut pieces and sweetened with maple syrup. This bar is suitable for vegans, free from gluten, soy and refined sugar

* Nib + Noble 40% Cacao Organic Drinking Chocolate 200g

Nib and Noble celebrates the cacao pod with our premium range of chocolate products. We use only organic and fair trade ingredients, blending raw cacao powder with unrefined coconut sugar for the perfect balance of flavour.

Our 40% Cacao Organic Drinking Chocolate is for those who desire a rich yet naturally sweeter hot chocolate.

* Porcelaine Mug Casa Domani

Made with high-quality porcelain for a durable and enduring piece for drinking your hot or cold beverages in. The high density and low porosity is important for the quality to ensure your mug does not break easily
Textured surface adds a tactile character which makes it desirable to cup your hands around and finished with a glossy glaze, the mesmerizing effect elevates your dining experience

* Maggie Beer Plum & Shiraz Paste 100g

Discover the sublime fruity taste of this pantry essential. This paste is a balance of sweet and tart plum flavours followed by the bold notes of shiraz. It’s absolutely delicious paired with Triple Cream Brie, Bold Blue Cheese, or a subtle sheep’s milk cheese.

* Deep Blue Bowl

gorgeous blue ceramic bowl, perfect for olives, nuts or paste

* Coconut Lime Soy Candle

locally made Soy Candle with natural soy wax and fragrance. Burning time approx. 15 hours.

* Cheese Knife Alex Libby

* Greetings Card + Envelope with your personalized message

placed in a Gift Box with Lid and Ribbon